This mentorship program is for 200 hour trained teachers and serious students who resonate with my teachings and would like to move beyond a basic understanding of yoga, navigate the professional world of mindful movement, sit steady in their power, and expand in the art of teaching. 

To choose me as mentor, is to choose a program steeped in personal practice of asana, conscious breathing, meditation, psychology, and self-inquiry. We will design a program specific to your needs: from professional development (including voice, presence, purposeful language) to refining your abilities to sequence, build community, develop retreats, create workshops, and cultivate an online presence.  You can listen to my personal experiences, check out where I’ve been featured, and read about my personal experiences.

I have guided 50+ serious practitioners through their Yoga Teaching Certifications and provided mentorship for a select group along the way. I would LOVE to officially open this opportunity for you to join me as there is nothing I resonate with more than to activate and witness someone's self-development through conscious movement, self- inquiry, and purposeful language. From the day I began this journey, I have been blessed with inspiring mentors who provided a rich, individualized education and mirror for my personal growth. The experiences have been instrumental in shaping who I am today. No doubt I aspire to pay it forward and will be happy to share in this expansive experience with you.